OB-23 Open Based Modular

  • Straight line linear modular workstation
  • Secluded workstation furniture can likewise help build up individual work spaces for any representative.
  • Particular workstations are a staggeringly mainstream decision for workplaces all over the place.
  • It easy to utilize the preeminent of your valuable territory.
  • The way in to a standard work environment is flexible article of furniture.
  • Optional: Metal CPU Trolly.



OB-23 Open based Modular:

Eleganc Featuring a extremely economical style, these modular workstations are an incredibly popular choice for offices everywhere. Each standard table unit are going to be started alone or organized with different items in its series to form a cooperative space. Many of these workplace cubicle setups comprises standard pc desks, modular desk walls, and desktop hutches.